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The WindRider Rave is a trimaran. When it comes to the best combination of
performance, handling, and safety, we're convinced that trimarans are unbeatable. With our growing line, we plan to be known as the trimaran company.

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The Windrider Rave is designed to go fast in light air, too. The Rave can use its performance over a wide range of wind speeds to leave competitive multihulls far behind.

Easy handling.
All controls fall easily to hand; foot pedals simplify steering, and unique, self-leveling foils keep you running straight and true. You're free to sit back and watch the world rush by.

Can any boat this fast be considered practical? The WindRider Rave's durable, economical polyethylene construction keeps the cost of owning this speed machine within reach, and keeps maintenance demands to a minimum. No one else has rotomolded this type of performance boat before; it's a WindRider exclusive. Sound like a rush? Get ready! You'll want to be aboard for the ride. Request a demo today!

Rave Hydrofoils.
Sam Bradfield, Tom Haman and Mike McGarry lead HydroSail Inc. with 50 years of experience designing and sailing hydrofoil boats. After setting World Sailing Speed Records in 1979, Dr. Bradfield & HydroSail moved forward to designing hydrofoil systems which are practical for everyday sailors and even racers!

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