What is the


The WindRider Rave is a hydrofoil.   Three sharp, wing-shaped foils cut through the water, providing lift to raise the boat's hull out of the water.  You don't sail the Rave, you fly it. Once it lifts out of the water, it is virtually unaffected by waves and drag, allowing it to approach dramatic speeds that most sailboats could never come close to touching.
The Rave is designed to make sailing it (or rather flying it) as simple as possible so you can enjoy the experience even more.  Clearly routed sheets, self-leveling foils, and simple steering controls allow you to concentrate on your flight path, and not on the boat itself.


The Rave's foils work the same as an airplane's wings.  The shape of the foil causes water to flow faster over the top of the foil than under the bottom.  This causes greater pressure pushing up against the bottom than there is pushing down against the top.  The resulting force is upwards, lifting the boat out of the water.  The Rave is specially designed to function in a variety of conditions.  Unlike some other hydrofoils, the Rave does not require a perfectly smooth lake to fly.


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