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LOA 16'
LWL 16'
Beam (foil tip to foil tip) 17'
Weight 380 lbs.
Total Sail Area (main & jib) 195 sq. ft.
Draft (foils up) 12"
Max. Weight Capacity 400 lbs.*
Designer Dr. Sam Bradfield
Introduced 1998
*Actual foil borne weight may be less, depending on wind speeds


  • Constructed of durable, 100% recyclable linear polyethylene
  • Molded-in graphics
  • Sealed outriggers for flotation; Beckson inspection ports on each outrigger
  • Aluminum, load-bearing space frame
  • Single anodized aluminum cross beam
  • Adjustable pedals control steering
  • Contoured, padded seats with adjustable backrests
  • Stayed aluminum mast
  • Loose footed, battened, reinforced mylar mainsail
  • Self-tacking, mylar blade jib with traveler
  • All sheets routed to rear cockpit for easy handling
  • Quality Harken (r) hardware
  • Extruded aluminum, T-shape foils
  • Control wands automatically adjust outrigger foils' angles of attack
  • Remote releases allow lowering of foils from the cockpit

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Dr. Sam Bradfield, Designed the Windrider Rave

Unless you live in the esoteric world of speedsailing, Dr. Sam Bradfield may be the most famous designer you don't know.   Since he began sailing in the early 60s, Dr. Bradfield has looked for ways to make sailboats faster.  His expertise in fluid dynamics and advanced wind powered watercraft - don't call him a naval architect - eventually led to hydrofoils and the design of nf2 (Neither Fish nor Fowl), a foil trimaran that held the Class C world speed sailing record between 1978 and 1982.  After setting outright speed records, Sam and his associates at HydroSail, Inc., Mike McGarry and Tom Haman, set their sights on optimizing hydrofoil systems for racing and practical applications.  A perfect match for Rave's design goals, HydroSail brings unparalleled experience to the design of this innovative sailing craft.

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