Basic Keelboat - Locations

Note to Prospective Students: We believe in the American Sailing Association (ASA) and your participation. Therefore we build into our costs a complimentary one year membership. You will not see from us, "ASA now charges $39 membership fee for optional certification" which means you will not receive the ASA certification you've earned unless you pay a $39 surcharge. We invite you to look at the materials included . . . No other program provides you a "Sailing DVD" to help you review and prepare. In addition to being safe and fun, there are no hidden charges with Northern Breezes.

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Lake Minnetonka, MN - Shorewood Yacht Club

Lake St. Croix, Afton, MN - Windmill Marina

Medicine Lake, Plymouth, MN - French Regional Park

White Bear Lake, MN

Lake Calhoun, MN - Call

Duluth, MN

Leech Lake, MN

Ludington, MI

Lake Pepin, Pepin, WI - Pepin Marina - Call

Pewaukee Lake, WI

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Ensign Cockpit - Basic Keelboat, Boat Club 

Ensign Port View - Basic Keelboat