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W&P 7x50 Explorer Binoculars

Weems & Plath. An excellent value and popular choice for all, these Explorer binoculars float, are waterproof and have the added feature of an illuminated compass and range finder reticle. The ability to take accurate compass readings on the water makes these lightweight binoculars perfectly suited for safe navigation while racing or coastal cruising.

Item # BN20c
$249.95+ shipping

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7x28 Apache IF Binoculars

Weems & Plath. After the Gulf War, the U.S. Army decided that it wanted more "eyes" on the battlefield.  The Army developed a specification called the "M-24" which was designed to be a compact binocular that would fit in the pocket of a battle dress uniform and be as rugged, have the same magnification, and nearly equal the optical performances of the bigger binoculars.  The 7x28 Apache is built to the same tough standards as the M24 binoculars.  The new M24 is the first "pocket-sized" military binocular ever issued on a large scale.  The optional reticle allows for easy range or distance estimation.
Special discount for military. Call.

Item # BN29
$399.95+ shipping