SWI-TEC Mastlift - Give yourself a lift

More often than not you will be alone on your boat when something fails that requires you to climb to the top of the mast to make the necessary repairs. This of course is not a problem if you carry the SWI-TEC Mastlift on board. Without assistance from any other crew member you can safely raise and lower yourself and are in total control of your ascent and descent and secured at all times.

Aview We offer a range of accessories that increase the versatility of the SWI-TEC Mastlift or protect the various system components:

The use of this Protective Cover made of 7 mm Neoprene is highly recommended. It protects the Mastlift and the mast during use and eliminates chafing at the masthead.

SWI-TEC - Mastlift
SWI-TEC - Mastlift

The SWI-TEC Guide Roller, made of solid stone pine spheres, allows the Mastlift to be used while underway, controlling the swing and preventing the Mastlift from impacting the mast. Can be used around a furled headsail or backstay.

SWI-TEC - Guide Roller
Guide Roller

The top of the mast is no longer out of your reach with the Masthead Harness which allows you to achieve a standing position and work with both hands free.

Just attach the Masthead Harness to a secure fitting at the top of the mast or the Mastlift itself, then stand up straight to elevate yourself above the masthead.

SWI-TEC - Mastlift

Convenient and safe - the SWI-TEC bo



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