Docking Endorsement - ASA Course 118 - Lake Superior

Class Location: Pike's Bay Marina on Lake Superior, Bayfield, WI: Course is held on 34'-36' cruising auxiliary sailboat.

Docking Endorsement

This two day course is designed to teach basic docking skills for boats with single inboard or outboard engines. It covers the theory and hands-on techniques needed to dock and undock boats in an efficient manner and without damage or injury. Topics covered include:


  • -Four forces that act on a boat during docking maneuvers.
  • -Forces the helmsman can control or use to advantage during docking.
  • -Engine and rudder controls used during docking.
  • -Use of mooring lines, including spring lines, in a slip and alongside a dock.
  • -Safety considerations during docking.
  • -Undocking procedures and crewmember duties.
  • -Docking procedures and crewmember duties.


  • -Prepare boat and crewmembers for docking and undocking including assessment of boat condition, dock and fairway configuration, routes of exit and entry, water depths, wind and current direction and strength, potential hazards, docking/undocking plan, crewmember assignments and instruction, and emergency abort options and procedures.
  • -Demonstrate a standing turn maneuver in a confined space; turn boat through a full 360 of rotation while remaining in a circle not exceeding two boat lengths in diameter.
  • -Dock parallel to a dock with wind blowing towards dock; demonstrate proper use of spring lines and tie up to the dock.
  • -Undock with wind blowing towards dock; demonstrate proper use of spring lines to avoid other boats moored fore and aft.
  • -Dock bow into slip with a cross wind; demonstrate proper use of spring lines.
  • -Dock stern into slip with a cross wind; demonstrate proper use of spring lines
  • -Demonstrate proper tying of cleat hitch, bowline and round turn with half hitches plus proper method for heaving a line.

Course Fee: $395 includes textbook.
Prerequisite: ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat

2017 Class Schedule

D1 -
Saturday & Sunday June 3 - 4 Closed
D2 -Saturday & Sunday July 15 - 16  Closed
D3 -Saturday & Sunday August 26 - 27  Closed
D4 -Saturday & Sunday September 16 - 17

This is an intense class. Please allow time for study and practice problems in addition to our normal in-class problems.

Call Northern Breezes Sailing School at 763-542-9707 to register or with questions.

Prerequisite for this course: 


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D1- June 3 - 4, 2017 Bayfield 

D2- July 15 - 16, 2017 Bayfield 

D3- August 26 - 27, 2017 Bayfield 

D4- September 16 - 17, 2017 Bayfield 

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