Review of Windrider

The Newest, Easiest And Most Exciting Way to Get Into Sailing

Now the wind belongs to everyone. the all-new WindRider is the world's first and only rotomolded polyehtylene trimaran. Part sea kayak, part outrigger canoe, part sailboat, and a whole lot of imagination, WindRider is designed to open the world of performance sailing to everyone. It's affordable, safe, stable, and so easy to sail even beginners can clip confidently along in less than an hour.
WindRider's components can be assembled in about 20 minutes. And the whole boat can be transported atop a car, or on a trailer. The ergonomic cockpit offers comfortable seating and back support, with several steering options--foot pedals, one or two-tiller arrangement, or a joystick.
The contoured cross beams are interchangeable (no specific order to remember) and plug easily into the main hull. their arched shape keeps them out of the water in rough chop to reduce drag. We recommend rigging them with the optional trampolines. The secret to WindRider's incredible stability is in the sealed outriggers. WindRider is impossible to sink, and virtually impossible to capsize.
WindRider's "engine" is a single sail and an uncomplicated mast that slides simply into its housing. You have just one line to manage--the mainsheet--leaving one hand free. WindRider extracts exhilirating performance from this modest sail plan.
From cartop to water in about 20 minutes. And you're ready to sail. Don't worry about babying WindRider, the tough polyethylene can take punishment that would sink lesser boats.
Run it up on the beach, anchor it over a wreck and fish, swim off it, sunbathe on it, pack it with a weekend's worth of gear and do some island hopping. WindRider opens a whole new world of adventure and excitement for everyone.





LOA 16'
LWL 15' 8"
Beam 12' 7"
Weight 250 lbs.
Total Sail Area 93 sq. ft.
Draft 16"
Mast Height from WL 20'
Weight Capacity 450 lbs.
Designer Jim Brown
Introduced 1995