Sailfest 2006 - Bayfield, Wisconsin

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Sailfest 2006 is a family-oriented opportunity for a fun, stress-free sailboat racing experience. It痴 all about having fun and learning about the pleasures of sailing and sailing fast with an objective.

There値l be a social on Friday, July 7 to kick off Sailfest 2006. You値l meet your Guest Instructor if you want one. We値l also have a presentation on basic sailing rules and sail trim. Then, there値l be an awards party on Saturday, July 8. There値l be plenty of time to brag and lie. Stay around for a little music with Mark the "Sailboat Mechanic."

Sailfest 2006 will be held in Bayfield, Wisconsin. The event will be on July 8, 2005. Each boat will be given a time to start between the Bayfield dock and a start buoy. Boats will begin starting at 11:00 a.m.

If you have any kind of sailboat in the Apostle Islands area you are welcome. If your boat is elsewhere, bring it. There are excellent launching facilities in the area.

My boat is a cruising boat. Sailfest 2006 is aimed at people with non-racing boats and crews. There will be separate categories for boats using main & jib only. We can assign any type of boat a handicap number (PHRF).

Can I get sailing help? We値l have knowledgeable sailors (we call them Guest Instructors) with a great deal of sailing and racing experience to sail with you if you want them. We値l also help you with extra crew. You値l learn about better sail trim and boat handling.

No crowded start lines! We use the reverse order starting system. We値l give you your PHRF time allowance at the start. That way you値l be crossing the start line alone. Not only that, when you pass a boat ahead of you, you値l know that you致e beaten them.

There値l be trophies! We have several classes based upon PHRF handicap and, within them, separate main & jib only and spinnaker classes. We will be giving trophies based upon standard finish performance. We have categories for skippers 15 years or younger and skippers 65 years or older. We have categories for all-family crews and for all-woman crews. You can compete in several categories. An all-family crew with a 15 year-old skipper on a keel/centerboarder could compete in the all family category, in the skipper 15 years or younger category, and the keel/centerboarder category and win prizes in each. We will give prizes five-deep. We also have a single-handed category.

For more information contact:
Commodore Thom Burns, 763-542-9707
Vice Commodore Al Frisch, 612-251-3672
Rear Commodore Sam Huonder, 651-246-5521


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