Book Review: The Usborne Book of Ocean Facts

Review by Kara Fisher

The Usborne Book of Ocean Facts , put together by Anita Genari, is a child's guide to various factors of the ocean. Laid out in small, informative paragraphs, Ocean Facts speaks to children through an easy to understand, clear voice.

Topics, all twenty-four of them listed on a convenient contents page, range from basic facts on the four main oceans to sea myths and legends. In each topic's two page section a "Did you know?" and an "Amazing But True" piece is featured, telling of such things as the Bermuda Triangle and of fishes thought to be extinct.

Colorful, cartoon-like pictures, illustrated by Tony Gibson and Isabel Bowring, above each segment add humour and appeal to the educational aspects. Maps, ocean current charts, and diagrams add visuals that let children see for themselves how things work. Much of the book also stresses the importance of environmental awareness and how humans effect sea animals and the ocean itself. The book is best suited for ages 6-12, as it has both easy and more advanced ideas.

Published by EDC Publishing, you can write to 10301 E. 55th Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146 to purchase a copy for $5.95.

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