Review: Nautical Trivia
The Great Nautical Board Game for all Ages

Reviewed by Thom Burns

When I first saw Nautical Trivia I was cautiously intrigued. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to get friends and family involved in sailing ashore in a fun way. Rainy days, long winters, the potential from this old trivia player seemed endless. 

One problem in a game like this is being able to get disparate groups from up and down the age and experience ladder to be able to play together. Nautical Trivia designers Rob and Carol Dodson have incorporated three degrees of difficult into each card. A child might only answer the easiest until they master that set. This allows different ages and even sailing neophytes to have fun! Another method of general involvement is to play teams.
Obviously, the Dodson’s are sailors because they’ve designed an exciting game which captures the mystique of sailing. Successful players will have to deal with changing winds, changing tides, tacking, jibing, racing strategy such as covering and blocking an opponents wind, and overall nautical knowledge. Good luck helps!

The game is of high quality. You’ll be proud to bring it out or set it on the coffee table. The board is beautiful with bright and realistic graphics. The pieces are pewter. The cards are of high quality, the kind card players take years to wear out.

To play, a course is set up, or you may use a recommended one. A roll of the cube (dice) determines the driving force that propels your boat. It will either be knowledge, a trivia card, or chance. The chance cards are designed to impact the outcome with unpredictable variables based on actual sailing situations. When you thought it was smooth sailing, the unpredictable variables in the “Jolly Roger” deck change the game. Sound like sailing?

The trivia cards challenge even the most experienced sailors and nautical enthusiasts at least at the most difficult level. Categories include nautical history, the America’s Cup, historic lighthouses, navigation, boating safety, famous shipwrecks, infamous pirates and world geography.

The Dodson’s have succeeded. Nautical Trivia is an exciting, challenging and fun board game for the passionate sailor and enthusiastic neophyte alike. Have fun. Start your own tournaments. Put it on your give list. I did.

Thom publishes Northern Breezes and Sailing Breezes Magazines.

Nautical Trivia