Lighthouses of North America
A Video Tape Review

Reviewed by Nancy Pavlik

You needn’t be a sailor to be a lighthouse aficionado. "Light-houses in the U.S. are like castles in Europe," it is stated in the video Lighthouses of North America, and indeed, you will be taken to many of America’s seafaring monuments. From Pemaquid Point, Maine, to Point Arena, California, the viewer is shown a chapter of America’s glorious nautical history. The video does a wonderful job of educating the viewer while entertaining.

You will almost feel the sea spray and the terror of storms at sea as you revisit the history of these sites and the construction of the lighthouses under almost impossible conditions. Great detail is given regarding the lanterns rooms and the development of the huge lenses. The history of each lighthouse visited is related by persons who work or live there, in many instances, and a deep feeling of respect and love for this rich heritage is conveyed.

These magnificent structures have played an important role in our country’s coastal commerce, maritime legend, and wartime history from the days of the American Revolution through the U-boats of World War II, as depicted in this video.

With its impressive photography, this video is a must-see for all lighthouse aficionados, and for history lovers as well. Produced and directed by Joseph P. Torina, the 60-minute color video is available from Matrix Media, Inc., 118 Becket Lane, Heathrow, FL 32746 (phone: 4077-774-8040). The cost is $19.98.



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