Cruising Guide to the Florida Keys

Reviewed by Gail Bowdish

Cruising Guide to the Florida Keys, 9th ed., by Frank Papy, 1995 (ISBN 096193838)

If you are considering a charter in southern waters this winter, but don't want to spend the time or the money going to the Caribbean, consider the Keys or west coast of Florida. This is the book you need to help plan the cruise. The guide is written in a comfortable, casual style, as if the seasoned captain is sharing his local knowledge over a cold one at the yacht club bar.

You'll find detailed sketch charts and aerial photos of harbors and anchorages. The spiral binding allows the book to lie flat for easy reference in the cockpit when entering a strange harbor.

There are three separate tables of contents, one for locating charts, one for locating narrative descriptions of cities, keys and harbors, and one for locating special information and tips peppered throughout the book covering topics such as itinerary planning, diving and snorkeling, fishing, weather, anchoring and bridge protocols.

The cost of publishing the book is partially supported by advertising, yet the ads are not too intrusive. The guide is updated every two or three years, incorporating information sent in by people using the guide, so the information is always current.

In short, the guide is packed full of information that the cruising sailor needs, presented in an easy to use format that ensures the information is easily found when needed. Highly recommended.

Gail Bowdish is a physician in Superior, WI who charters "down South" when it's too cold to sail on Lake Superior.

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