Destination Mexico
Guide Will Help You Prepare for
Your Cruise to Mexico

Paperback, 184 pages
with photos & illustrations
Carolyn and Bob Mehaffy sail their Hardin 45-foot staysail ketch, Carricklee, in San Francisco Bay, with yearly cruises to the Sacramento Delta, the Channel Islands, Mexico, or Hawaii. Their articles on cruising appear in Cruising World, Latitude 38, and Sailing. When not cruising, they teach at American River College in Sacramento.

Destination Mexico tells you everything you need to know about getting yourself and your boat ready for a cruise of weeks or months in Mexican waters. For the practical, hands-on pleasure boat skipper you’ll find advice on clothing and provisioning, recreational and galley equipment, toiletries and medical aids.

The authors, veterans of Mexican cruising, guide you through the intricacies of government paperwork, insurance, even crew selection and buddy boats. The second half comprises an alphabetical listing of equipment you’re likely to need including electrical, mechanical and navigational gear. Twenty-five years of cruising experience have gone into this comprehensive discussion of electrical, mechanical, and navigational gear. How do you select batteries, GPS, dinghies, and other essentials? What cost and maintenance factors are involved? Destination Mexico provides all the answers to these and all the other questions you are likely to ask when preparing for the Mexican cruise of your dreams.

“Our philosophy about preparing a boat to cruise Mexico is simple: Plan your cruise to Mexico, put whatever you can aboard, and go. Even if you can’t afford all the equipment listed in the pages of this book, you can still have a wonderful time, provided you’ve done all you can to assure that you and your guests will be safe.” - Carolyn and Bob Mehaffy.

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