A covered boat can quickly develop moisture and odors if not properly ventilated, especially in the harsh marine environment. The DS-683SP from Dr. Shrink is a new and versatile self-adhesive vent that features high speed, solar powered fans, which increase air circulation throughout any type of boat cover.

Powered by an inexpensive solar cell, the DS-683SP easily mounts to a variety of surfaces. With the self-adhesive tape on the base, it can be quickly attached to shrinkwrap covers. By utilizing the included push-through fasteners, boaters can permanently mount the DS-683SP to fabric mooring covers as well as dock boxes. A screened backing plate is included to provide sturdy installation and prevent debris from entering.

Dr. Shrink, Inc. is a full-service, full-circle supplier of premium shrinkwrap and installation accessories. It is noted for its quality products, prompt service, competitive pricing and helpful installation advice.

Available in black or white, the DS-683SP from Dr. Shrink retails for $22.99.

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