Tie-Wrap Secures Gear on Inflatables

strap.jpg (9930 bytes)A unique double-loop strap holds fishing poles and other hard-to-carry items with ease on bouncing skiffs and inflatable boats. The versatile rail strap from FSI holds gear tightly when underway and releases quickly when needed.

A single length of strap with two Thumb Lock buckles form two loops, one for holding gear, and one for boat attachment to D-rings, life lines, handles or rails.

The strap’s patented two-buckle design allows portable gear to be removed and carried without having to release the gear. It can hold water skis, race markers, duffel bags, gear boxes and almost anything else that needs holding. And, when placed over the side, the strap makes a convenient handhold for swimmers or divers coming out of the water.

The plastic-coated polyester strap is durable, non-fraying, waterproof and UV-resistant. It measures 22’’ long X 3/4’’ wide, and boasts a tensile strength of 700 lbs.

Available in black or white, the Thumb Lock MRV-130 rail strap retails for $9.95.

From FSI, 15230 Burbank Blvd., Suite 106, Van Nuys, CA 91411.

Phone: 800-232-7836, fax: 818-997-1371, e-mail: fastening@earthlink.net.

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