Bow or Stern Thrusters for Smaller Boats

Max Power introduces Super Power Lightweight Composite Thrusters for 23 ft to 43 ft sailboats. Affordable yet powerful, these new composite Super Power Thrusters have been specifically engineered for mid-sized vessels.

To make this possible, Max Power replaced the traditional bronze leg portion (containing the transmission) of the thruster with a patented maintenance-free composite leg. This new composite leg is half the wight of the older bronze unit and requires no periodic lubrication like other transmission legs of this kind. The high-tech injection-molded composite body is as strong and more corrosion resistant than its predecessor, yet costs less to produce.

Unlike traditional thrusters, the new Super Power Composite Thruster requires no lubrication oil tank for the transmission, The composite transmission leg is permanently sealed, lubricated, and requires no zinc anode because of the lack of bronze. Installation is simplified compared to traditional designs.

Max Power has been a leading French manufacturer of thrusters since 1986. As the U.S. distributor for Max Power thrusters, Scandvik has supplied marine accessories to consumers and OEM customers since 1982.
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