New Table Pedestal Eliminates Deck Hole

For years, installing a solidly mounted boat table meant drilling a hole in the flooring to accommodate the pedestal. Although effective, the opening that resulted was often unsightly and a hazard when the table was removed. Springfield Marine, supplier of innovative marine seating and hardware, eliminated the need for a hole with its new Twist Lock Table Pedestal.

The pedestal utilizes a surface-mounted, low profile base to anchor the post. A quick twisting action solidly connects the two units, resulting in a single, firmly-locked unit. Removal of the pedestal is accomplished by simply reversing the process.

The low-profile base is only 5/8 tall, ensuring an inconspicuous appearance when the pedestal is not in place. Thanks to its 7 diameter and 5-3/4 bolt pattern, the base provides maximum support and durability under heavy loads. 

The post is offered with a locking or non-locking table mount, and comes in standard heights of 14, 25 and 27.

Retail price of the Twist Lock Table Pedestal with 3-year limited warranty is between $54.99 and $88.99, depending on individual markets.

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