Superspeed SP52 The All-Purpose Antifoul

Antifouling is one of the most routine and arduous chores for boatowners. It is also amongst the most critical, since a buildup of marine and weed growth would otherwise reduce speed and efficiency, affect responsiveness and even damage the hull. But if haul out, power washing and scrubbing are not difficult enough, choosing the right antifoul paint to suit the craft's mooring, hull substrate and speed can be equally problematic. So a radically new antifouling approach from HMG Coatings could be the solution.

Patented worldwide and manufactured in Britain by surface coatings specialist HMG, Superspeed SP52 is based on innovative pseudo-organic technology and has a 'one size fits all' versatility, since it can be applied to all hull constructions and every type. Now available through HMG America and local retailers, Superspeed has been successfully tested in the oceans of the world and is fast winning friends amongst US boating enthusiasts.

Unlike conventional self-polishing and hard antifoulings, which work by releasing potentially toxic biocides into the water, Superspeed is an eco-friendly system that mimics surface of fish. When immersed in water, a catalytic reaction is triggered, which causes it to develop a smooth microfilm that sheds marine growth and leaves the hull clean and efficient.

Approved by the US Environment Protection Agency, Superspeed is an easy-to-use, fast drying, single pack product that can be applied by brush, roller and low pressure or airless spray. It is suitable for all mainstream hull constructions, like fiberglass and plastic, wood, steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, even ferro-concrete. It can be painted over previous antifoul coatings.

Typically, a 150 microns coat of Superspeed will give a full year free from fouling, depending on local conditions. In-shore craft that are moored much of the time may require a thicker application. Since the catalytic reaction is only activated in water, boats can be left ashore for prolonged periods without the paint drying out and degrading.

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