New Marine Stereo System is Loaded with Extras

Itís no secret that some boat stereos are merely automobile radios with a makeover. After years of audio research and product development, ply-Planar has now introduced a completely new, watertight stereo system designed and built exclusively for the marine environment.

With a waterproof faceplate to eliminate the need for a splash cover, the flush-mounted model MRD60 is a true AM/FM/CD marine stereo. Its patented waterproof volume control provides nearly infinite adjustment of sound without distortion at high levels. All electronic circuits are thoroughly marine-coated to provide additional protection from the elements. When rough seas are encountered, a built-in shock-resistant mechanism ensures skip-free CD operation.

A wired remote keypad provides control of all radio and CD functions, plus an intercom for communicating with different areas of the boat. If wireless control is desired, an infrared remote can be used to access the system from a distance.Poly-Planarís MRD60 AM/FM/CD watertight receiver should be available in August, 2001. Suggested list price $450.

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