New Spray Coating Significantly Upgrades Performance

Hyspeedkote is a long lasting, easy to apply hydrophilic polymer spray that dramatically reduces drag on underwater surfaces. By holding a thin layer of water on hull bottoms, Hyspeedkote decreases the time and distance it takes power craft to plane, increases fuel economy, provides a softer ride in rough water, and quiets the hull at all speeds, lessening bow slap and pounding. The product is a natural for sailboats since the more coated surface in the water, the greater the increase in efficiency.

Because Hyspeedkote is water insoluble it will not wash away like hydrophilic polymers of the past. It is effective on any surface, regardless of composition, configuration, or size.

The coating has successfully passed rigorous testing by professionals and is being used by top ranked offshore APBA racing teams.

Waxes and sealants that many boaters apply to enhance performance, or those contained in gelcoat as a result of the mould release process, are actually counterproductive. These water-repelling coatings create a “dry” surface that only increases drag. Hyspeedkote reduces this friction, allowing vessels to slice through the water much more effortlessly.

The coating is available in four, environmentally friendly, bladder filled spray cans that assure a steady flow and allow the product to be applied from any angle. One ounce covers approximately 14 square feet.

Suggested retail prices range from $9.95 for 1.5 ounces to $59.95 for 14 ounces. For complete product information and ordering, visit