Sure, all cable sets perform the function of delivering AC to the boat, but working in extreme conditions is another story. Hubbell's attention to quality and safety ensures that its 30-amp Shore Power Cable Set can be relied on when it is needed.

The cable set features exclusive copper crimp-barrel terminations to provide protection against internal overheating and burnout. Used by power companies, copper crimps offer tighter connections, better conductivity and longer life.

Jute fillers maximize cable flexibility and ensure that the cable set coils neater, lighter and flatter. A molded flexneck prevents right-angle cable damage and pullout. A bull ring protects against stress and strain on the conductors.

The connector end has a nonmetallic threaded sealing ring that makes the inlet/connector interface watertight. It prevents accidental disengagement and ensures proper alignment of the connector to the inlet for complete contact. Arrows and line-up notches indicate lock and unlock, and an arrow with a ground symbol allows boaters to easily identify the ground pin for matching to the receptacle.

The Shore Cable Set retails at $79.99. Contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, at 203-882-4800 or