The SeaMasterTM Story

In 1956, while browsing one of the great old cutlery stores, A. G. Russell found a small sheath knife with a marlinspike contained in the sheath. It was a Case® knife and was only the second drop point knife A. G. had ever seen. When he began to use the knife the quality of stainless steels available in the 1950s became evident. A. G. says of that blade, "It would sharpen easily and dull even easier. I don't think I used that knife more than once". It was almost 10 years before stainless steels that would hold a decent edge began to be used for knife blades.

Over the nearly fifty years since, A. G. has seen many sailors' knives. Year after year, those knives have been quite successful and proved to be both durable and dependable but A. G. has long felt that a new, modern design was needed. "I have had requests from sailors for a knife with current materials and technical features," he says. "Serious sailors, both professional and recreational, all wanted much the same things, a folder with locking mechanisms for both the marlinspike and the blade, and serrations on the front end of the blade. They insisted that this would make cutting rope easier. In my testing, I found that indeed it was true."

While in a meeting with the father & son team from Fox Cutlery of Italy, it occurred to A. G. that this was the ideal time to respond to the many requests he had received for a new innovative seaman's knife. As he sat in the meeting, A. G. sketched out his concept explaining each of the important features of the new seaman's knife, and detailed the materials that should be used for each one. He called it The SeaMasterTM.
The SeaMaster™ has a flat ground 3-1/4" blade of ATS-34 stainless steel at 59-61 Rc. and a 2-3/4" stainless steel marlinspike. Both are coated with a special material composed of both Titanium and Aluminum. This is a very tough coating with a hardness of 80 Rockwell and great rust resistance. As a part of the 4-1/8" Titanium handle are two Frame-Locks, derived from Michael Walker's Liner-Lock®, that lock both the blade and the spike in the open position for convenience and safety. The SeaMasterTM was awarded "The Most Innovative Imported Design" at the 2004 Blade Show held in Atlanta in June, 2004.

A. G. RussellTM Knives expects to begin shipping the new SeaMasterTM this fall at a retail price of $275.00. For more information about the SeaMaster™ visit the A. G. Russell web site at or visit the home page at A FREE printed catalog can be requested on line or by calling 479-571-6161.