Many onboard shower drains are normally located below the water line. And since water doesn't run uphill, a reliable unit is needed to pump the shower waste up for discharging overboard or into a grey water holding tank. Johnson Pump's new, self-priming Viking Power 16 model has been especially designed to pump wastewater from shower drains and similar applications.

Johnson's engineers worked with small boatbuilders to design a pump that would fit their needs. Easy service and maintenance, multiple mounting positions to fit into tight spaces, and the ability to run dry without damage were just a few of the requirements.

When it's time to service the premium-grade, a spare can be installed without removing the pump from the system. And thanks to its non-choke valves, the pump requires no in-line filters. Johnson's Klicktite connectors make hose connections a snap. Using one of three different pump/motor configurations, the Viking Power 16 can be incorporated into a small boat's waste water system virtually anywhere past the drain outlet.

Not only can the pump run dry without damage, it can also easily handle a mixture of air and water. This feature is especially useful if the volume of waste water pumped is low.

The pump is quiet and self-priming up to 6-1/2', and complies with ISO 15083 and ISO 8846 marine standards. It is available with a 12VDC or 24VDC motor.

Retail price of the Johnson Pump Viking Power 16 is $219.95.

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