Maptech Announces Pocket Navigator - GPS Ready - Software for the Outdoors Topographic Maps and Nautical Charts in Your Handheld Pocket PC

With Maptech’s new Pocket navigator software you have the key to outdoor adventures in your hand. Now hikers, fishermen, hunters, boaters, sailors, and pilots can transfer genuine USGS topographic maps and NOAA charts to their handheld Pocket PC.

Imagine this: plan your day trip at your desktop using Maptech’s Terrain Navigator or Digital ChartKit 2001 and storage which is enough for 5 to 10 topographic maps or charts - more than enough space for the maps you will need for the day or weekend. Add more flash card storage and download your entire boating season charts, fishing hot spots, hiking and hunting maps.

At this time both the Palm and Visor operating systems cannot display the detailed mapping data found on genuine topographic maps and nautical charts. When you’re out in the great outdoors, most people want and need the full, rich, raster map images instead of the simple vector, line drawings that are used in street maps. Pocket Navigator is the outdoor navigator for on-water, on-land, and in-the-air travel when used with Maptech maps and charts.
Pocket Navigator software works with Maptech digital charts and maps. Terrain Navigator and Digital ChartKit are sold separately. Operation requires a Pocket PC handheld. Visit for details and the Pocket Navigator tour.

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