New Organizer Holds Gear Where Needed

FSI has developed a remarkably simple device with plenty of uses for cruisers and racers alike - the Versatie Line & Gear Organizer. It is one of the most versatile and secure ways of keepin

The Versatie organizer attaches to nearly anything on a boat or trailer. It holds gear neatly and tightly wherever needed, and is always ready for use.

It consists of two quick-release buckles that form two loops on a single length of strap. One loop secures the gear and the other is for carrying or attaching the gear where needed. Either loop can be tightened to size, and they release easily with a downward pull on the strap. A holding fastener is also provided to hold the Versatie strap on a bulkhead, cabin top, dockbox or other flat surface.

The Versatie easily secures sheets, halyards, dock lines, race gear, power cords, boat hooks, loose tackle, fishing gear and hoses. It holds fendrs to rails, boat lines to pulpits, life jackets to cabin tops, boat hooks to life lines and even fishing poles and gear bags to inflatable boats.

The durable, non-fraying strap is made of a plastic bonded webbing and boasts a tear strength of 700 pounds. Both the strap and the buckles are waterproof and UV-resistant. The MRV-150 Versatie Line & Gear Organizer measures 22 long x 3/4 wide. It is available in white or black, with a suggested retail price of $7.99.
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