KVH Introduces TracVision 12-volt Marine Receiver for DIRECTV

Accessing live satellite TV programming has never been simpler for mariners, thanks to the new KVH TracVision® 12-volt Receiver for DIRECTV® Service. The system is the only 12-volt receiver designed specifically for the marine industry. It is available as an accessory to KVH’s award-winning line of TracVision satellite TV antennas. Installation is easy, with the system connecting directly into the vessel’s 12-volt power supply.

“For years, customers and dealers have had no choice but to equip their boats with satellite television receivers designed for use in the home,” explained Ian Palmer, executive vice president of satellite sales for KVH. “Home receivers are not designed to handle the sometimes unstable 110V AC power produced by inverters aboard ship. With the marine environment typically based around 12-volt electronics, it only makes sense for us to offer a 12-volt receiver...”

Mariners rely on live satellite television for current information on news, weather, and business. KVH TracVision 12-volt Receiver makes it easy to get this information. The new receiver is fully compatible with KVH’s marine TracVision antennas and is ideal for supporting multiple receiver/television installations.
KVH’s marine TracVision antennas are all Digital Video Broadcast (DVB®)-compatible and offer superb satellite tracking and a range of capabilities to suit any vessel. .

Details on all of KVH’s award-winning TracVision products for boats, recreational vehicles and automobiles are available at http://www.tracvision.com.