Knotty DVD’s - A New Way to Learn an Old Skill!

The Monkey’s Fist! The Carracks Bend! The Clossic Bowline! Tying knots is one of those practical skills that can make your life easier and at times safer. Whether needing knots for your boat or for around the home, this simple skill has many valuable uses. Educator, Scott Baker and television producer Jeff Barringer have teamed up to teach knot tying by producing a thorough and compelling DVD presentation on how to master this ancient craft.

Scott Baker is avid sailor and a lover of traditional boating. His skills range from restoring historic wooden boats to being a student then teacher with S.A.L.T.S. His specialty was teaching knot tying on the tall ships he sailed on. He is currently serving in the Canadian Auxiliary Coastguard.
Jeff Barringer combined his love of sailing on BC’s West Coast with his love of gourmet cooking by producing a television series titled Galley Cefs. He is a believer in the DVD format for teaching skills that are hands on and dimensional. “DVD’s clearly show the ropes and allow the viewer to play it again and again or simply pause it all while keeping their hands free to practice.”

Scott’s Knots gives a clear, easy to follow journey through a wonderful collection of useful knots, hitches and splices as well as an excellent explanation of rope types overall. It is professionally shot and presented and is truly a great gift for yourself or the nautical friend who has everything. Retails for $19.95.

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