Gill Introduces “Lifesaver” Quick-Release Skiff Harness 4900

Gill North America, exclusive licensee and distributor of Gill technical apparel in the U.S. and Canada, is introducing a revolutionary new Skiff Harness 4900 with a patented RWO quick-release hook for extra safety that will be a lifesaver for trapeze sailors.

“The revolutionary 4900 with the unique, quick-release hook was designed to help save lives by enabling sailors to quickly disengage from their trapeze harnesses in emergencies,” said Gill North America President David Pritchard. “We have combined this feature with an advanced harness support system, making it, in our view, the most advanced harness on the market.”

The 4900 Skiff Harness is compliant to US Sailing rule 40.2, stating that from Jan. 1, 2006, “all trapeze harnesses shall be capable of quickly releasing when in use.” Olympic sailors from the United Kingdom and Dutch teams tested the Skiff Harness 4900 during the two-year development process.
“The push-button quick release hook is a big safety feature that allows a sailor to quickly detach himself from the boat, and not end up tangled in his rigging or trapeze gear,” Pritchard noted. “This harness also combines extra safety with stronger support through an integrated aluminum plate or brace in the upper back of the harness”

Skiff Harness 4900 retails $199.95 (US); $299.00 (Canada). Replacement hooks for harness $20 (US) $25 (Canada).

The Gill Skiff Harness 4900 is available at hundreds of independent retailers coast to coast. Visit for more information.