New, Low-Power 
Gen-Set is Quiet and Optimizes Valuable Space

Regardless of their crafts’ size, most boaters need to optimize available onboard space and minimize noise levels. To help owners, Next Generation Power Engineering now offers its new, ultra-compact 2.4 kW diesel gen-set.

Measuring 26” long x 12-3/4” wide x 12-3/4” high, the UCM 1-2.4 is powered by a dependable, single-cylinder Kubota engine and fits in spaces boaters may not have thought possible. It’s ideal for operating 5,000 to 7,000 BTU air conditioners or low-draw appliances and equipment.

While most small gen-sets are designed to operate at 3,600 rpm, the UCM 1-2.4 runs at just 2,000 rpm, creating much less noise from engine speed and vibration. It’s so quiet that it doesn’t need a sound enclosure. In addition, it only weighs 140 pounds.

Along with these benefits, owners can expect extremely high fuel efficiency and increased safety. The 2.4 burns just over 12 ounces of diesel fuel per hour, and the boater doesn’t have to store volatile gas fuel onboard.

Suggested price of the UCM 1-2.4 diesel gen-set is $3,995.
From Next Generation Power Engineering, Inc., Phone: 888-463-9879 or 904-642-8555.