Flexible and easy-to-use for do-it-yourself repairs, Flexpoxy High Performance Marine Epoxy from Pettit Marine Paint can be used on a variety of materials above and below the water line.

Flexpoxy can be used to repair both large and small jobs on fiberglass, wood, steel and aluminum hulls and topside sections. It is especially reliable for keel joint repair since Flexpoxy retains its elasticity where most other epoxy becomes brittle. It can be tinted with all types of oil-based, polyurethane or epoxy paints as well as wood stains.

The advanced epoxy formula means Flexpoxy will not sag, run or shrink during or after application. It will cure in 16 hours and can then be filed, planed and sawed while also holding up to drilling. When sanded, it produces little dust. Flexpoxy is 100% pure epoxy and is solvent and filler-free.
Unlike most two-part epoxy products on the market that must be discarded after opening, even if the product has not all been used, Flexpoxy, when stored properly at room temperature or below, has a shelf-life of approximately one year. Flexpoxy A & B component cartridges include a screw cap for easy sealing and storing to eliminate waste.

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