Newest Generation of Flashlights Deliver Superior Illumination

LED-Lite announces the introduction of the most innovative line of flashlights for recreational and professional boaters - the Lightwave 2000 LED flashlights. Four energy-efficient super-bright Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) allow the Lightwave 2000 to continuously illuminate up to 500 hours on a single set of AA batteries.

The Lightwave 2000 Flashlights pioneer in the following technological innovations:

1) The new generation of “super-bright” LEDs are extremely efficient, allowing batteries to last up to 125 times longer than traditional flashlights. A standard flashlight requires more than 250 batteries over the same time period that the Lightwave 2000 flashlight would use only three.

2) LEDs have a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours and have no glass or filament to break, making them nearly indestructible.

3) The super-bright white LEDs generate a true white light that illuminates like daylight. They produce a wide viewing angle so you can see more at one time while minimizing harsh reflection, shadow and glare.

4) Light emitted from the green, red and blue LEDs preserve night vision. Unlike standard flashlights, these versions of the Lightwave 2000 do not require filters that are easily lost or broken.

5) The beam pattern of the Lightwave 2000 is the industry standard for even light diffusion. Unlike standard flashlights that are plagued by dark spots, the Lightwave 2000 will allow your eyes to adjust to the dark and see more with the natural, ambient light.

The Lightwave 2000 flashlights are the newest generation of navigational flashlights. The white LED model is the best flashlight nearly any activity where a true white light is needed. The color LED models are great for preserving night vision, and are especially recommended for chart reading.

The Lightwave 2000 flashlight will last for years even in the most challenging environments. They are a rugged, technologically advanced and cost-effective alternative to the traditional, delicate incandescent flashlights commonly used today.

For more info visit or contact Peter Carlseen, Marine Accounts Manager at 877-309-0530.