Epoxy Pack Stows Easily for Small Repairs

The WEST SYSTEM Maxi Repair Pack conveniently readies the user for any sudden, minor boat repairs. Its resealable clam-shell container is compact and easily stowed, yet it contains enough epoxy glue and other items for six permanent fixes.

In addition to containing six each of WEST SYSTEM epoxy resin and hardener packets, the package contains both a strong, high density repairing filler and a low density filler for easy sanding. Other items included to make the job go smoothly are disposable gloves, miding sticks, cups, alcohol pads, application brushes, pipe cleaners, a syringe and brief, illustrated instructions.

Combining the resin and hardener produces a high-solids, high-strength, water resistant epoxy, ready to bond combinations of wood, metal, class, sturctural fabrics and most other repair materials. Using the Maxi Repair Pack is one of the many good ways to become familiar with WEST SYSTEM epoxy before taking on larger or more complex projects. This repair pack is available at marine retail stores everywhere for $20.90.

From Gougeon Brothers Inc. 517-684-7286. www.westsystem.com.