New Installation-Friendly Range of Diaphragm Waste Water Evacuation Pumps

Jabsco has just announced a new single chamber diaphragm pump ideal for shower tray, sink drain, and bilge water applications, with a second model designed specifically for in-line waste evacuation from holding tanks.

Both models have been designed specifically for ease of installation, incorporating a 360° rotating head that can also be revolved around the center line of the pump body. This flexibility, together with the compact size, allows the ports to be lined up in the most convenient position relative to the system’s layout.

These units offer extensive dry running, self-priming up to 10 feet, a design with non-clogging Joker Valves, and they require no pre-filter, which makes for easy maintenance. Quiet operation ensures minimum on-board disturbance.

The grey water model has ½ inch ports and delivers a flow rate of 16 lpm, while the waste evacuation pump has 1 ½ inch ports with a 19 lpm flow rate. 12 and 24 volt versions are available, both complying with ISO 8846 marine ignition protection.

Contact Oliver Frost at 978-282-5228; or Janet Roberts at 949-443-1695;