Innovative Cord Reel Solves Tangline and Storage Problems

Disorganized, tangled and unruly extension cords and hoses can cause frustration and waste time. A unique, simple and inexpensive solution to cord and hose organization is being manufactured and sold by BurkTek, Inc. The product is called Cordpro.

Cordpro is a flexible, doughnut-shaped reel that divides, stores and dispenses extension cords without springs, ratchets or motorized mechanisms. Because Cordpro has no moving parts it can’t break down. Unlike other automatic dispensing reels, it will hold a full 100-foot length of cord and also stores and protects cord-ends when not in use.

As the user pulls an extension cord from Cordpro, it rotates, dispensing only the amount of extension cord needed, leaving the rest nestled neatly inside the reel. As the user moves Cordpro will travel behind and continue paying out the exact amount of cord needed. Because of the physics involved in its shape and its spinning motion while dispensing, Cordpro can “climb over” debris and other objects. When the user stops pulling, Cordpro stops dispensing the cord.

Cordpro is made of high-density polyethelyne (the same material from which pick-up truck bed liners are made). It is “welded” together at the inseam and that seam is then covered with an ergonomic rudder grip. The reinforced eyelet allows it to hang on a pegboard, a tool trailer or a basement wall. It is lightweight - only 13 ounces (without cord) - yet it’s tough enough for any job-site, garage or yard. It is suitable for outdoor use in all temperature extremes.

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