New Technology Applied to Coax-to-Coax Connections

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PL-259 connectors attach antenna coaxial cable to marine radios. Their use has been revolutionized by Shakespeare’s new "Centerpin" technology, which makes installing the connectors used for coax-to-coax attachment.

The Shakespeare PL-2558-CP Centerpin splice connector joins two lengths of coax in seconds, with only wire cutters and pliers. It eliminates any soldering, insulation-stripping, special measuring or fussing with the coax braid. Its design prevents frayed or loose strands that could short circuit and is generally superior to solder-on or crimp-on connections.

To make the connection, the user simply flush-cuts each coaxial cable. He places the end of one cable in the connector, squeezes its gripping fingers into the coax with pliers and threads a cover over the fingers to protect the connection. Then he repeats the process, inserting the other cable end in the other side of the connector.

The PL-258-CP works with both RG-58/AU and RG-8/X coax. It is made of high-quality, nickel-plated brass, exhibits excellent electrical properties and has a long life in the harsh marine environment.

The device can also be used when installing a new antenna, to help run new coax through a boat’s bulkheads. Simply cut the old coax near the old antenna and splice the new antenna’s coax to the old with the PL-258-CP. Then, pull on the old coax from the end by the marine radio until all of it has come through the bulkhead and the new coax appears. Lastly, cut off the connector, install a PL-259 such as Shakespeare’s new Centerpin PL-259, and attach the new coax to the radio.

Suggested retail price of the PL-258-CP is $8.95.

From Shakespeare C&E, P.O. Box 733, Newberry, SC 29108.


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