Blue Sea Systems Introduces New 120/240V AC Circuit Breaker Panels

Blue Sea systems introduced a new series of 120/240V AC Circuit Breaker Panels designed to meet the power management needs of cruising yachts, sailboats and commercial vessels.

Blue Sea offers four new panels to address the specific power distribution needs. Model 7347 is a 120/240V AC Source Selector +2 Positions with an analog AC voltmeter. Model 7373 offers the same configuration with a digital AC voltmeter. Model 7370 combines a 120/240V AC Main +3 Posisitons with an analog AC voltmeter; Model 7371 provides the same combination with a digital AC voltmeter.

All of these panels are designed and constructed for easy installation as well as safe and reliable marine AC power management. Engineered for 50A maximum panel amperage, each comes from the factory with all hot, neutral and safety ground buses installed and fully pre-wired. All LEDs come pre-installed, including a red LED that warns the user of any reverse polarity condition. Blue Sea systems also pre-installs all label backlighting on these panels to make rigging and operation easier.

As an example of Blue Sea Systems’ thoughtful engineering, the new 11-1/4” high 240V AC distribution panels were designed as companion panels to the company’s 120V AC panels of the same physical measurements. When installed together, the new 240V AC Distribution Panel supplies main circuit protection, AC source management, 240V AC metering and 240V AC branch circuits. The result is an AC power management system that looks and works together perfectly.

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