It's no secret that hot barbeque coals and fiberglass don't mix. But thanks to the efforts of two young California sailors, onboard barbequing is just as safe and tasty as grilling on the deck at home.

In 1976, Jim and Jerry Mashburn loved to barbeque on their sailboat. However, attempts to cook with a barbeque grill mounted on the stern of their sailboat proved unsuccessful. In the harsh marine environment, the grills would rust quickly, rendering them completely unusable. Obviously, the porcelain-coated steel grills available in the mid-1970s were not up to the task, and stainless steel was considered too expensive for standard grill production.

Recognizing that better materials were needed, they set to work to design a stainless steel grill that would withstand the saltwater environment. Soon a new grill was constructed that met their requirements, and the decision was made to offer their new "Marine Kettle" charcoal grill for sale.
Over 30 years later, the Mashburn's Magma Grills can be seen on sailboats in marinas worldwide. The original "Marine Kettle" is still available along with several other models with modern grilling features.

Magma has created a large assortment of mounting options and grilling accessories to accommodate any boat. Magma also created a full line of portable tables for food preparation and serving.

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