Guest Expands Family of Portable Battery Chargers/Maintainers

Guest has revamped its line of 12/24-volt portable chargers/maintainers for 2006, with two new models. Guest now offers eight models ranging from .75 to 10 Amps to cover a wide variety of applications and battery management needs for boats and personal watercraft.

Two Guest models are new for 2006, including the .75-Amp Model 2601 12-volt Battery Maintainer. Designed to keep a charged battery in peak condition during long periods of storage, this model is ideal for maintaining a single battery in a trailerable boat over the winter months. The second new unit, Model 26015-12, is a 1.25-Amp charger/maintainer that can bring a single 12-volt battery back to full state of charge, then electronically switch to keep the battery ready for action indefinitely without risk of overcharging.

Each model (except Model 2601) is enclosed in an epoxy-potted case for durability and resistance to impact and caustic chemicals or gasses. Model 2601 is not potted because it is designed for use with vessels stored indoors.

Each model is engineered to handle input power fluctuations between 100 and 130 VAC, and is protected from short circuit, overload and reverse polarity. Both 12 and 24-volt models are engineered for use with flooded, AGM or gel cell batteries. All Guest portable battery chargers/maintainers are backed by the company’s reputation for quality and 2-year limited warranty.

For more information, contact Guest at 707-226-9600 or visit