Quality Autopilot Offers Convenient Dial Operation

autopilot.jpg (15016 bytes)Whether operating a commercial vessel or pleasure boat, having an autopilot aboard is a tremendous help. The new 2800 Autopilot from ComNav is a high quality unit with numerous advantages including easy-to-use dial and knob operation.

The 2800’s user-friendly dials and knobs include a knob to set the unit to standby, power steering, pilot or navigation operational modes. A compass rose dial continuously shows the vessel’s actual heading, and another dial allows for large course changes. Push buttons enable small course changes to be made in one-degree increments. For comfortable night time viewing, the front panel is backlit with an automatic dimmer.

Easy-to-use controls include adjustable rudder, counter rudder and turn rate. A power steering feature allows the boater to perform simple steering and maneuvering, and a dodge control helps to avoid obstacles during an autopilot course. Additional steering features include automatic yaw control and an adjustable rudder gain multiplier, for adjusting the rudder gain by logarithms.

For more rudder control, adaptive software continually optimizes rudder positioning. In the event of rudder feedback failure, a ghost rudder instantly takes over. The 2800 Autopilot has an approximate retail price of $2,500. From ComNav, 1915 Stainsbury Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5N 2M6. Phone: 800-428-0212.

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