New Anti-Fouling Paint
Features Dual Biocides

For many years, copper and tin were the twin ingredients in effective anti-fouling paints. Then, in 1988, the EPA restricted the use of tin as a biocide. Ever since, anti-fouling paints have relied solely on copper and have been less effective at fighting algae and slime.

This situation is now changing. Kop-Coat Marine Group is leading the way in the production of new dual-biocide anti-fouling paints. Its new Pettit Trinidad SR uses a high concentration of copper and a unique slime-fighting ingredient, Irgarol, produced by Ciba Specialty Chemical Group.

Irgarol, which blocks photosynthesis in algae, has been used in Europe for ten years and was recently approved by the EPA for use in the U.S. It helps make Trinidad SR extremely effective in even the most heavily infested waters. In fact, Practical Sailor and Powerboat Reports recently named Trinidad SR the best of any widely available anti-fouling paint.

Easily applied by brush, roller or spray, the paint creates a hard protective finish that adheres well to fiberglass, wood and steel hulls. It comes in five colors and has an environmentally responsible formula that meets all air pollution regulations.

Suggested retail price of Pettit Trinidad SR is $150 per gallon and $45 per quart. From Kop-Coat Marine Group, 36 Pine Street, Rockaway, NJ 07866. Phone: 800-221-4466.