From Taylorbrite

Taylorbrite has introduced a new series of cold cathode fluorescent (CCF) lights that revolutionize marine interior lighting technology.

The Taylorbrite CCF-series lights are based on proprietary robust cold cathode fluorescent technology, which provides efficient illumination and long life while drawing very little power from the boat’s batteries.

The CCF-series interior lights provide unprecedented flexibility for designers and boatbuilders. Their compact dimensions allow for true flush mounting, permitting the elimination of relief spaces between bulkheads, overheads and decks. Since the CCF lights operate just above ambient temperature, the lights can be safely placed in any location.

The products have a lifespan of over 25,000 hours—more than 25 times greater than traditional incandescent and halogen systems, making them a nearly permanent light source. They are fully waterproof, ignition proof and impact resistant. They are UL listed for marine applications.

The CCF flight tubes are powered by Taylorbrite’s proprietary electronic ballasts, which allow operation over a wide range of voltage fluctuations, and conform to the stringent IEC 945 and EN 55015 EMI/RFI standards required for CE compliance in Europe.

Taylorbrite offers the CCF-series lights in a variety of different packages. They are available in gold, chrome and white finishes. A dimming remote control is available as an option.

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