All engines have at least two things in common: cooling and exhaust systems. One way to prevent failure of these systems is to use silicone cooling and exhaust hoses from McLane’s Parts Warehouse.

Standard rubber hoses lose strength, crack and split from age, or even become worn out where secured by clamps. And in most cases, the only way boaters can avoid being stranded is to keep replacements onboard.
But 100% silicone hoses reduce costs associated with hose failure. Unlike rubber, which may only last for two or three years in the harsh marine environment, durable silicone is often good for the life of the boat or engine. It also handle heat up to 350° F without losing strength. Silicone turbocharger hoses can withstand temperatures as high as 500° F.

McLane’s offers these hoses in 4' and 12' lengths, with inside diameters from d" to 16". It custom cuts and bends hoses for special requests. The company also recommends using its 100% 316 stainless steel Norma T-bolt clamps for securing exhaust hoses. For silicone coolant hoses, McLane’s suggests its approved, 316 worm drive clamps. The clamps come in one- or two-piece designs for high-torque applications.

The silicone hoses are designed for water or antifreeze/water mixtures, not diesel fuel or engine oil. Silicone exhaust hoses are used specifically for water-cooled wet exhaust, not dry heat exhaust. Retail price of a 4' long by 1" diameter silicone hose is $15.70 per foot. From McLane’s Parts Warehouse, P.O. Box 7083, Boca Raton, FL 33431. Phone: 561-393-3915.