StraitEdge 2T Kayak - Two Person Self-Bailing Kayak

Most self-bailing inflatable kayaks are designed for paddling white water. They typically have quite a bit of rocker to allow quick turning and other maneuvers. The StraitEdge 2T Inflatable Kayak is the first tandem sit-on-top inflatable kayak to incorporate an aluminum bow and stern frame to improve tracking in open water conditions. The hull design is similar to a hard-shell sit-on-top kayak, yet it can be packed away into its duffel bag and paddled in most remote locations. Whether you are storing it in your closet or the trunk of your car, you can be sure that you are always just a few pumps away from your next adventure. Three seating positions allow for the kayak to be set up in solo or tandem mode.

New advanced inflation valves; Rod holders; StraitEdgeT System - unique bow and stern design Hard edge bow and stern for improved tracking Molded rubber handles Reinforced bow seam Bungee deck lacing Adjustable back support Mesh pocket Self-bailing ports Welded seams Thigh straps compatible

BackBoneT - Adding Rigidity to your Kayak with a Bow-to-Stern BackBoneT Model AE2023-AF1, AE2023-AFX, AE2023-AFC.

“Give your kayak the strength of a spine”. The BackBoneT is a bow-to-stern frame for all AdvancedFrameT inflatable kayaks, which enhances both rigidity and tracking performance. The BackBoneT is designed to be positioned under the inflatable floor and installed prior to inflation of your kayak. Made of high strength anodized aluminum alloy and impact resistant plastic for durable and light weight performance. Sold in three sizes to fit all three AdvancedFrameT kayak models as well as older models too.

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