Mustang Survival Rescue Stick™ Wins MAATS 2007 Innovation Award

The Mustang Survival Rescue Stick™ has been recognized with the Innovation Award for Safety at the Marine Aftermarket Accessories Tradeshow (MAATS) in Las Vegas, NV. Judged by a committee from Boating Writers International, this prestigious Industry award recognizes products for innovation, distinctiveness, benefit to consumers and practicality.

“We are extremely honored to receive the Innovation Award for Safety for the Rescue Stick,” said Frank Leffelaar, Manager Marketing Services for Mustang Survival. “The panel recognized its unique capability to rapidly provide more emergency flotation at longer distances than other devices on the market.”

The Rescue Stick™ is a powerful rescue tool in the hands of professionals and recreational users. Anyone who can throw a stick can throw it to someone in distress in the water. Designed to be compact (14") and lightweight (just over 1lb) it can be easily stowed on a boat, at the cabin or by the pool. When the unexpected happens it will provide emergency flotation to someone at risk of drowning and increase the likelihood of self-rescue.

The Rescue Stick™ can be thrown up to 100 feet - twice the distance of a ring buoy or rope bag, provides 35 lb. of flotation in seconds - triple that of a ring buoy, automatically inflates in seconds upon contact with the water, extremely easy to use - anyone who can throw a stick can use it, simple to repack and reuse - insert a new bobbin and screw in the replacement handle containing the CO2 cylinder

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