New Model Nova Davit
Longer Reaching Arms Use Strong, Lightweight Marelon Components

Forespar has improved their popular Nova Davit to extend farther than previous models and use new stronger and lighter-weight Marelon® components on a stainless steel frame.

The new Nova Davit uses reinforced Marelon™ gussets to allow each arm to lift 175lbs for a total davit lift weight of 350lbs. Longer 45" lift arms also extend farther away from the transom allowing the system to accommodate larger dinghies. A new Marelon davit head control has been designed to incorporate 4 sheaves for easy lifting and 2 cleats. One cleat is a cam style cleat for quick control and the second is a horn cleat for secure cruising.

Each arm is mounted independently using a stainless steel support bracket that is easily removable and allows the davit arms to swing into the boat for convenient storage. All appendages can be easily pinned for quick removal.

Each Nova Davit system is sold as a complete package. Standard rail mounts are for 1" rails or smaller, but adapters are available for larger rails. Each kit contains two, 4-to-1 Harken lifting bridles, 4 cleats and all necessary components for mounting the davit system on the stern of a boat that has a rail.
Forespar® is one of the oldest boat hardware manufacturers in the United States and they have been making the Nova Davit system for more than 15 years. Forespar’s diverse line of marine products includes carbon .ber down wind poles, Leisure Furl™ boom furling systems, Marelon® plumbing fittings and components, and numerous other marine related products.

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