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J22 North American Championship Regatta Returns to Minnesota.

The 2006 Wealth Enhancement Group J22 North American Championship Regatta is just around the corner. With men, women, professional and amateur sailors all competing for the right to be crowned the 2006 J22 North American Champ! It has be 10 years since this Regatta was last held on the waters of Lake Minnetonka. The over 1,000 members of the Minnetonka and Wayzata Yacht Clubs are determine to make this season finale Regatta a resounding success!

Shadowfax in the J-22 North American Championship Regatta.

This classic J22 regatta kicks off with the Media & Sponsor Race on Saturday, September 9th on Wayzata Bay. The race is benefiting the not-for-profit Wayzata Sailing Foundation (WSF). The WSF supports the following organizations:

• University of Minnesota Men's & Women's Sailing Team
• Inner-City Youth Sailing Programs
• US Junior Olympic Regatta
• Twin Cities Youth Sailing Regatta
• Wayzata Sailing School

KARE 11's Eric Perkins is the MC and other media personalities will be racing in the event. Come out and watch the race in your boat or to sponsor a sailboat in the race contact George Hansen at 612-940-2702 or Stephen Paidosh at 612-369-7023.

Let’s Boogie in the J-22 North American Championship Regatta.

The 2006 Wealth Enhancement Group J22 North American Championship Regatta starts Tuesday evening, September 12th with the Opening Ceremony and guest speaker 1980 Olympic Hockey Gold Medalist Rob Mcclanahan. The racing starts Wednesday morning on the lower main lake of Lake Minnetonka with three races per day. Spectator boats are welcome or you can buy a place on the Al & Alma's Charter Boats to observe the races. Each afternoon the participants will be able to watch themselves race digitally on the big screen in Kattack's "Arm Chair Helming" post-race sessions. Every boat will be wired with a GPS and downloaded to the big screen where crews can see where they went right and more often where they went wrong! On Thursday evening the Regatta Banquet is being held at Minnetonka Yacht Club's famous Light House Island and promises to be a great event for participants and guests. No doubt a lot of strategy will be discussed at the banquet as race leaders determine their tactics for the final day of racing. The Regatta ends on Friday afternoon, September 15th when the President of Wealth Enhancement Group crowns the 2006 J22 North American Champion!

J-22 North American Championship Regatta.

Participants favored to do well in the Regatta include professionals Terry Flynn, Greg Fisher and David Van Cleef. Other out-state sailors to figure prominently are Chris Doyle, Kevin Doyle, Rob Johnston and Eric Faust. Don't discount the local sailors, remember they know the lake and that is a big advantage! Local sailors to watch include Thorn Turner, Lars Hansen, Mike Bowers, Rob Evans, Mark Christensen and Olympic Gold Medalist Bill Allen. Finally, it must be mentioned that Rodney Johnstone designer of the J22 and J24 will be racing in the event!

J-22 North American Championship Regatta.

Don't miss the chance to take part in the sailing action. Enjoy a golden September day on one of Minnesota's most famous lakes and popular sailing venues! Be there you won't be disappointed!
For information on the Media & Sponsor Race and the 2006 Wealth Enhancement Group J22 North American Championship Regatta visit www.j22northamericans.com or contact Stephen Paidosh at 612-369-7023. For more information on the Wayzata Sailing Foundation and the Wayzata Yacht Club visit www.wyc.org . Visit www.mycsailing.org to learn more about Minnetonka Yacht Club.

American Diabetes Association’s 6th Annual Sailing Regatta
June 17-18, 2006
Lake Minnetonka, MN


American Diabetes Association Reggatta.
Photo courtesy of J.H. Peterson.


1) Dream Fisher, Dick Jackson


1) Anticipation, Roger Slater; 2) Dansk, Jack Christofersen

Capri 25

1) Code Blue, Brennom Family; 2) Consensus, Eric Roubal; 3) Catapult III, Joel Ronning; 4) Rockit, Dick Korinke; 5) Quick Draw, Pete Willenbring; 6) Tsunami, Bruce Tam; 7) Magic, Bull/Sacks; 8) Dakota, Paul Cossette; 8) Overbearing Too, Ralph Stillman; 10) Molly Buses, Mark Weum; 11) Off Line, Corny Boersma; 12) Rampage, Larry AuBuchon; 13) Jalapeno, Bob Carpenter; 14) White Nights, Igor Pilko; 15) Honeymoon's Over, John Speltz; 16) Sudawn, Jesus Rodriguez; 17) Fore Sail, Rich Jobin; 18) Ham-It-Up!, Hammet/Zagone; 18) Cut Throat, John Meccia; 20) Lickety Split, Odell Tuttle

American Diabetes Association Reggatta.
Photo courtesy of J.H. Peterson.


1) Rock Damm, Todd Gustafson; 1) Kveldsang, Stan Ragnes


1) Old Skool, Lars Hansen; 2) Oranje, John & Kristin Peterson; 3) College Fund, Ross Siemers; 4) Rocket Dog, Nicolie Wheeler; 5) SheMIGHT, MWST


1) Hinck/Erdmann; 1) Gotcha, Tim & Ann Oelschlager; 3) Hellfire, Dave Bennett; 3) Kattack, Tom Verburgt; 5) Sleeper, Lanners/Crump

S2 7.9

1) Songbird, Friedell/Richfield; 2) Wind Dance, Tsang/Crum; 3) Whirlwind, Steve & Dee Brachman; 4) Hog Wild, Roland/Smith

American Diabetes Association Reggatta.
Photo courtesy of J.H. Peterson.


1) Surly Angel, Marty & Kathy Fossen; 2) Sesame Street, Brody / Foster; 2) Liberty, Mark & Diane Kochendorfer; 4) Banue, Trevor & Maureen Haworth; 5) Gusto, John & Liz Sligh; 6) Tally Ho!, Tom Brown; 7) Happy Hours, Chuck & Cheryl Bangasser


1) Synergy, Ernie Worthley; 2) Stinger, Fred & Nancy Sommer; 3) Eileen On You, Ken & Eileen Bielski; 4) Skedaddle, Don Sundell; 5) Gaylen & Maggie Knack.


1) Speschel Edition, Steve Peschel; 2) Cyclone, Rudy Ruedenberg; 3) X - ADA, X.


1) PR Firm, Peter Sussman