New Inverter Provides True Sine Wave Power

invert.JPG (16020 bytes)Increasingly, utility-quality power is required to properly operate the electronics and other equipment used aboard boats and recreational vehicles. A new inverter answers this need. It was designed with a clean sheet to set a new benchmark of inverter performance and value.

The Statpower Prosine 1000 true sine wave DC to AC power inverter delivers 1,000 watts of continuous output power and surges to 1,500 watts for up to 5 seconds. This power is true sine wave AC output, the waveform the all electronic equipment is designed to operate from.

Any load within the respective power rating of the inverter will operate to specification. Heavy-duty motor load will start quicker and run cooler than when operating from the waveforms, such as square wave or modified sine wave. This translates to potentially longer equipment life.

Statpower’s proven high frequency switching technology, the same as that used in computer power supplies, allows the inverter to be significantly smaller, more compact, and lighter than competitive inverters that use older, 60 Hz-based technology.

The prosine 1000 measures 15.4’’ long X 11.0’’ wide X 4.5’’ high. This small size and slim profile allow it to be mounted in many different locations. Its weight is 14.5 lbs., just more than half the weight of many competitive inverters.

A standard, detachable LCD display panel provides on/off control and battery monitoring of DC input voltage and current. A convenient power output scale in watts lets the user know how much power is being pulled by the load. This panel can be mounted in four different orientations on the inverter or, with the optional Prosine interface panel, can be mounted remotely in a more convenient location.

For a true sine wave inverter, the Prosine 1000 has a remarkable efficiency rating, which translates into cool operation and more battery power being inverted to useable AC power.

Multi-direction connect DC battery terminals allow DC cables to exit from the inverter in 180 of rotation, making the inverter easier to install in tight spaces. Protection features include output short circuit protection and shutdown, over temperature shutdown, overload shutdown, over/under input voltage shutdown, and AC backfeed protection.

The Prosine 1000 inverter is CSA-approved and UL-listed. Suggested retail price is $859 U.S. and $1,199 Canadian.

From Statpower Technologies Corp., 7725 Lougheed Hwy., Burnaby, BC V5A 4V8. Phone: 604-420-1585. Web site:

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