Caribbean Sail Photographer Takes Shots from Inflatable

inflat.jpg (17882 bytes)Taking in-water shots of moving sailboats is difficult. Caribbean-based photographer Tim Wright takes striking photos of these vessels and their crews, thanks to a specially outfitted inflatable boat.

Wright steers his customized AB inflatable, maneuvering up and down waves, to get near his subjects and find the best angle. He holds an outboard tiller in one hand and a camera in the other.

"I find it necessary to be quite a way offshore to get my best photographic conditions, with enough sea and wind so that the yacht is really sailing." Wright said. He noted his AB inflatable provides a stable platform for photography, and a raised bow allows the boat to bounce off waves and not get caught up in them.

Wright has used AB inflatables for years. He purchased an AL350 that he currently uses. It features a lightweight, marine-alloy aluminum hull, neoprene-hypalon tubes, all-around lifelines and an anti-skid deck for increased safety. He still uses an AB Inflatables 3.60V, stored in Great Britain, to shoot regattas at major European events during the Caribbean hurricane season. Special mounting points secure his camera and safety equipment.

Many of Wright’s photos are of yachts and charter boats that are taken on the speculation that crew members might later buy them. His photos have appeared on numerous magazine covers.

From AB Inflatables,
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