Pardeys to Give Seminar at Annapolis Boat Show

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At the Annapolis Boat Show on October 6 and 7, world-renowned sailors Lin and Larry Pardey will present all-day seminars on long-term cruising and on handling a boat during storm conditions.

Those who plan on cruising or who simply like to sail will benefit from the seminar. Ideas will be presented on getting a boat and sailors ready for cruising, handling heavy weather and ensuring a cruise is enjoyable. A question and answer session will follow.

An evening slide show and commentary on October 8 will afford an excellent opportunity to hear the Pardeys' stories and learn from their experiences. They will discuss the use of heaving-to as a means of riding out storms, an idea championed in their Storm Tactics Handbook.

The Pardeys have logged sail miles equivalent to 5-1/2 global circumnavigations and have published nine sailing-related books, including Storm Tactics, which is currently in it’s fourth printing. Their articles have appeared in magazines around the world for over 25 years. Their latest book, Cost Conscious Cruiser, will preview in Annapolis.

Recently, the couple held several sold-out seminars in southern England. This proceeds paid for a 16-year old paraplegic student, Sunni Johnsen, to spend two-weeks aboard the square-rigged, wheelchair accessible sailing ship Lord Nelson. The Pardeys' books and video's are available through Paradise Cay Publications of Arcata, California.

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